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Etheras Luxury villa Santorini

Welcome to Etheras Private Villa

Discover the stunning luxury of Santorini

Private Heated Infinity Edge Pool
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Etheras villa santorini combines the elegance and luxury amenities you would come to expect from a luxury villa  of this high caliber


Where Luxury meets Sensation

The Santorini villa Etheras derives her name from the Greek word for the fifth element, the so called quintessence. Etheras, along with fire, air, water, and earth, is the mystical element from which the world was made. Thus, the ancient Greeks attributed Etheras ideal qualities, like a worldly presented element derived from the home of the Gods.

The villa Etheras true to her name, compiles key aesthetic principles such as a spacious living room, two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen while it can host up to four guests. Villa Etheras hangs imposingly from the rocks where its exterior spreads over 200 sq.m. The outdoor area of Villa Etheras with the private infinity edge heated swimming pool is an extension of the rock and combines endless views to the Caldera, Aegean Sea & Santorini sunset.

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