Frequently asked questions

Where is the Luxury Villa Etheras Located?

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How far is the Villa from the Fira town?

Can you cover the distance to and from the Fira town on foot?

How far is the Villa from the airport and the port of Santorini?

Where are the beaches of Santorini located with regard to the Villa?

The beaches of Santorini are hard to reach on foot both from the Villa and from the Fira Town and Imerovigli village. The closest beach is 4 kilometers away

Does the Villa provide a port/airport transfer service?

Does the Villa offer a car rental service?

In cooperation with rental companies, the Villa provides to customers all the necessary information and helps them rent a car

Does the hotel have Wi-Fi?

Τhere is free Wi-Fi all around the Villa

Does the villa have a Spa?

Our Villa cooperates with a beauty center, and provides massage, body and facial care, and pedicure/manicure services. Spa services are provided in the Villa.

Are towels provided for the pool and beach?

The Villa offers free towels for the pool and the beach.

Are there restaurants closed to the Villa?